Alaya Live event


First pics from Slovenia, attending R Ohh live event


Aquila Italiana – R Street Band

Aquila Italiana and R One are collaborating on a project called “How to build a dream”. 

as always firmly convinced that Art is never represented by a single point of view, we have decided to join forces and represent many different artistic perceptionson what dreams are really made of. You will be able to admire applied acoustics, incredible sculptures, innovative photography and of course our own perception of how to build a dream.

This cooperation can be  admired in Portoroz, Slovenia at the 5-star Grand Bernardin Hotel and Casino from the 14th of July till the 2nd of September.

Let your mind wander, food for thought is always free.




Aquila Italiana – GNE Records – Enne Bacc

Arte visiva, musicale, e su quattro ruote. Un mix innovativo per ricordare che l’arte italiana, oggi come un tempo, vive di personaggi poliedrici, di passioni che accumunano nello spirito pur manifestandosi in contesti completamente diversi.

Con questa volontà Aquila Italiana e la casa discografica GNE RECORDS (su facebook: hanno stretto una sorprendente collaborazione artistica i cui primi risultati includeranno un pezzo musicale scritto per l’occasione, accompagnato da un videoclip/minifilm.

A questo progetto partecipa anche l’artista Enne Bacc (Bacc Experience:, integrando e completando quindi la volontà di coinvolgere lo spettatore da piu fonti: tramite la musica creata ad hoc, ovviamente, ma anche visivamente tramite un video che testimonierà la rinascita del nostro marchio, ed infine attraverso la tecnica estremamente innovativa e le magie coloristiche per il nostro logo.

La campagna mediatica inizia settimana prossima tramite tutti i periodici nazionali, a pagina intera. I risultati di questa collaborazione si vedranno verso Settembre/Ottobre. 

Stay tuned!



Aquila Italiana in Slovenia

For our slovenian friends, here’s a first web article just appeared on the local press testifying our presence in Jill Xebo’s extraordinary “R” expo. Enjoy! novica/ v-portorozu-na-ogled-vse-sorte-umetnost 


Jill’s work is incredible and we’re honoured and thrilled to have been invited to take part in it.

The DIVA will remain in Slovenia for 2 weeks, if you have a chance to be near Portoroz in this period of time, go pay her a visit!


Happy New Year / NEW Project Announcement

It’s been a frantic few months, and the whole Aquila Italiana has been working really hard in various projects.

We are quite happy of how things are generally progressing, but we would like to give you groundbreaking news to celebrate the new year. The news is that..

Aquila Italiana is preparing a big surprise for 2012, a totally new project of a supercar which will redefine the world of luxury art on 4 wheels.

We cannot tell you more than that at this stage, so stay tuned for more updates. It’s going to be a colossal ride in a few months.

For the moment, the whole Aquila Italiana Team wishes Happy New Year to old and new friends. Thank you all for the support we’ve received so far, you’ve been marvellous and the real force behind our endeavours. Keep on following us and better things will come in 2012!

The Aquila Italiana Team



It’s been quite a ride, but we’re really happy to introduce our new website!

It features images of our first supercar, the DIVA, as well as descriptions of our areas of expertise. Have a look and let us know what you think of it.